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A Home grown security system
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A Home grown security system using Google Go, Raspberry Pi, and hacked Wizecams using Dafang hacks at

The system is intentionally local only cloud

Audible Notifications use picotts on wireless pi zeros

Lights are controlled using hacked sonoff switches

A thermostat is built from an esp8266

My Home server is written in go and uses websockets for device communications

Control is via web page using json messages.

Configuration is also a web page.

All devices are discovered automatically by the server connection and the control page is built dynamically.

The Wizecams use onboard RtsptoWebrtc from

Which uses for the webrtc peer written entirely in Go.

The cameras can be viewed in a web page using the supplied html and javascript using webrtc.

Disclaimer: This is my first attempt at this kind of project. Use at your own risk. I will be adding more documentation to the code as I clean it up.

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