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PowerShell module to play with Kerberos S4U extensions
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PowerShell tool to play with Kerberos S4U extensions

This module can assist blue teams to identify risky Kerberos delegation configurations as well as red teams to impersonate arbitrary users by leveraging KCD with Protocol Transition

More info on Black hat slides:


Install the module

Import-Module .\Mystique.psm1

Or just load the script (you can also IEX from web)

. .\Mystique.ps1

Make sure Set-ExecutionPolicy is Unrestricted or Bypass

Get information about a function

Get-Help Find-DelegationAccounts -Full

All fucntions also have -Verbose mode


Add-SeTcbPrivilege      - Adds the "act as part of the operating system" (SeTcbPrivilege) privilege to a user
Find-DelegationAccounts - Find accounts that are trusted for Kerberos delegation
Get-CurrentIdentity     - Retreives information about the current identity
New-Impersonation       - Impersonate a user using Protocol Transition
Read-DelegatedFlag      - Checks if a user or users in a specific group can be delegated
Undo-Impersonation      - Reverts an impersonated session to the original account
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