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Introduction to Data Science with siuba

Deploy Website Binder


How to Make Updates

This course is automatically staged and deployed using github actions.


  1. Commit your changes to master or staging.
  2. Once the github action runs, look for the entry called 🐣: Check content diff, showing which files changed after content rebuild.
  3. For changed files, look on to see that the changes make sense.
  4. Create a release, which will trigger a rebuild and deployment!

⚠️: Every time you change the master branch, when someone clicks "run" binder will need to rebuild! This process can take over a minute. If you make changes on staging, binder will not need to rebuild after every change.


Before release

  • Formatting cleanup
    • Exercise headings
    • Clearly marking the slides
    • Some typos / markdown getting mangled
    • Few places where details element is used instead of a question box
    • Better slide transitions when user clicks down (i.e. appears immediately)
  • Run some people through chapters 2 and 3
  • Intro page? (could punt to down the road)
  • A couple of screencasts showing 10 minute analyses, using skills from course (could also use verbs like count(), and refer to docs).
  • Suggested Tidy Tuesdays to try
  • A "next steps" outro lesson (could put at end of chapter 3 for now)
  • Figure out and add license
  • Remove /build/ from lesson urls

Down the road

  • Record video for slides
  • Clicking up key terms brings up definitions
  • A big cheatsheet showing everything taught
  • Chapter 4
    • first 2 lessons on plots, then 1 on bridge material (e.g. simple pandas read_csv)?