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Data Science workshop aimed at High Schoolers

This repo contains all the materials I used in a pilot workshop taught for Coded By Kids in Philadelphia. The workshop was meant to be 3 days, but had to be cut short for logistical reasons, so the material meant for the 3rd day still needs to be finished.

In general, the course is meant to follow the structure of Dave Robinson's Tidyverse course on DataCamp.


I hosted RStudio Server on Digital Ocean. If you're interested in replicating the setup, take a look at the Makefile, or feel free to open an issue. (I'm very happy to help non-profit workshops get off the ground).

Workshop Flow

All materials the students were given are in the workshop folder. This folder was copied into the user directories automatically set up in the Dockerfile. I printed out the worksheets, and handed them out, so they wouldn't need to tab around to find their notes. See this post for an example of how I started the workshop.

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