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ReasonML Playground

ReasonML and Reason React playground with a set of tiny modules and components so that anyone can learn the language by example.


  • Install ReasonML following instructions on the website
  • Install Global Binaries that make IDE plugins work
  • Finally, install IDE Plugins so you benefit from the full IDE support whilst writing Reason code

Installing dependencies & compiling the code

  • Run npm install to install all dependencies
  • Run npm run start to compile the code and continuously rebuild as the code changes
  • Open http://localhost:1234 to see the running application


If the code does not compile try uninstalling bs-platform and reason-cli first and then follow the installation guides above

npm uninstall -g bs-platform reason-cli

The repository

This repository is meant to be a playground so that everybody can learn the language, break things, change things or even improve the examples.

Feel free to create pull requests if you find these examples useful. Also, please let me know if you find them too easy or too complex.

Stay in touch

Have questions? Raise an issue or contact me on twitter: @maciejsmolinski