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⭐️ Angular tool-box! Start your PWA in two steps! Add Serverless support for existing projects and much more
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This project has two faces:

  • First, a Angular Universal PWA boilerplate, prepared for easy deployment on Serverless environment. The boilerplate contains all of the best practices and is continously evolving. Find out more about the boilerplate here.
  • Second, a collection of schematics (used with the ng add command) which can be applied to existing Angular projects. All schematics comes from the boilerplate mentioned above. The main goal is to make those schematics interchangeably (developer can apply them in any order)!

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Online Demo: Angular Universal PWA on AWS Lambda + API Gateway

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ng-toolkit/firebug Dependency Status Dependency Status npm version
ng-toolkit/init Dependency Status Dependency Status npm version


What's inside

PWA starter

npm install -g @ng-toolkit/init
ng new --collection @ng-toolkit/init myApp [--provider --firebaseProject --gaTrackingCode --firebug]

PWA - @angular/pwa extension

Add update mechanism and server-side rendering fixes to your PWA

ng add @ng-toolkit/pwa [--serverModule]

Serverless (Firebase, AWS Lambda, Google Cloud Functions)

Make your app deployable on serverless environment (FaaS)

ng add @ng-toolkit/serverless [--provider --firebaseProject]

Angular Universal

Add server-side rendering and improve SEO of your app

ng add @ng-toolkit/universal


Add firebug-lite to your Angular app

ng add @ng-toolkit/firebug

Planned features

Looking for something more?

Feel free to create issue with your feature request

Support @ng-toolkit

You can support development of this project via:

If you want, you can be listed on the List of donors on the demo page.

Open Collective Backers

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