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Commerce Marketplace example site installation profile

This repo contains Drupal build script and installation profile for an example Commerce Marketplace-based site.

It includes creating example merchant role, merchant users, stores, products, product displays, payment and shipping methods.


1. Clone the installation profile

git clone

2. Build your site

Use included shell script to quickly build your site in the destination_directory:

cd marketplace-install-profile
./ <destination_directory>

Using script is generally equivalent to executing these two commands:

drush make marketplace.make -y <destination_directory>
ln -s <current_directory> <destination_directory>/profiles/marketplace

3. Install your site

If it is your first install, and you don't have settings.php file with the database access details created yet, you might want to install it from your browser. Just access your site's URL and follow on-screen instructions.

If you have already installed your site before though, and/or have existing settings.php file, you can (re-)install it using drush:

drush si marketplace -y --site-name=mplace --account-name=admin --account-pass=admin