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Reopen Tabs pluma plugin

The plugin is intended to be used by those who uses pluma as a source code editor. It spares you reopening the documents that were loaded last time you closed pluma.

The plugin is writen in interpretive language Python, so you don't need to compile anything. The installation process is fast and easy (see below).

The original reopen-tabs-gedit-plugin was written by Eugene.K...@gmail.com, this is just a fork of its version 0.3.6 refactored to work with Linux Mint's pluma text editor.


  • Remembers and reopens the documents
  • Remembers an active tab
  • Asks for saving the tabs (configurable)
  • Multilanguage support


Reopen Tabs uses gettext for localization, so you can easily add a translation for the plugin yourself.

The plugin currently supports:

  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Russian


  • Extract files to directory ~/.config/pluma/plugins
  • Run pluma text editor
  • In pluma main menu go to: Edit -> Preferences
  • In Preferences dialog go to Plugins tab
  • Find Reopen Tabs in plugin list and check it