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Remember the Route Explore feature in Strava?

Right, that's long gone now. No Clusterer anymore either.

Now we have Route Builder, Global Heatmap and Local City Guides - which are all great, but still there is no way to easily search for interesting routes in the area made and tested by other athletes. Even though everyone and their dog has been asking for it for years now.

The times, however, they are a changin'. Say hello to Strava Route Explorer!

This app is supposed to help a little with this issue, by allowing athletes to synchronize their public routes into a catalog accessible and searchable by all (and by all we mean those who authorize themselves with Strava first - we respect your privacy after all, and will not allow just anyone to access your routes - only other like-minded athletes).

How does it work?

If you already have Strava account - when using the app for the very first time just authorize it with Strava, which will also synchronize your public routes and make them available for everyone else to easily browse and search through.

Don't worry though, you will be able to manually select which of your public routes you want to share with the community before publishing them all.

If you do not have Strava account yet - what are you waiting for? Just sign up for a new one, it's completely free!

Once you authorize the app with Strava and sync your routes, you will be able to explore all routes already synchronized by other athletes, either just paging through the full list, or searching by their name, distance, total ascent, start and/or end point location, author etc.

Bugs and new features

Please keep in mind that this is still an alpha version.

The development has been started not that long ago (beginning of August 2018), and is still ongoing (on evenings and/or weekends in-between the rides and other "exercises"), so you might encounter some bugs. We hope you won't, but if you do, please report them in the project issue queue on GitHub, or in our app-related WhatsApp group.

The same applies to enhancements and new feature ideas - just create a new issue on GitHub, or let us know in the group. (Or perhaps join one of our rides for a real-life chat?)


The whole project source code is on GitHub - feel free to fork, clone, develop new features and/or fix bugs, and submit a pull request.

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