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What's the point of it?

Very simple - to allow you, and other athletes, to browse and search each other routes - as Strava doesn't offer this functionality anymore.

How does it work?

  1. If you already have Strava account - when using the app for the very first time authorize it with Strava, which will also synchronize your public routes and make them available for everyone else to easily browse and search through.

    Don't worry though, you will be able to manually select which of your public routes you want to share with the community before publishing them all.

    If you do not have Strava account yet - what are you waiting for? Just sign up for a new one, it's completely free!

  2. Once you authorize the app with Strava, you will be able to explore all the routes already synchronized by other athletes, either just paging through the full list, or searching by their name, distance, total ascent, start and/or end point location, author etc.

How to search for routes?

It can be as simple as entering the name of the place where you would like to go in the Route field - for example Chartres - and hitting Enter.

Or it can be quite complicated, with lots of filtering options available - there is a whole separate page describing how to use them all.

Which routes are synchronized?

After you authorize the app with Strava, you will be redirected to the route synchronization page, where you will be able to manually select which of your public routes you want to share with community.

If you change your mind after the synchronization is done, and would like to publish more (or less) routes, just synchronize your routes once again and modify your selection.

Note that routes marked as "private" in Strava will never be synchronized (you will not even see them on the above list and you won't be offered an option to publish them).

Will my new Strava routes be synchronized automatically?

Yes! You don't have to manually synchronize your routes each time you add a new route on Strava, this will be done for you automatically during the nightly maintenance.

How to add or update a single route?

To add new or update a single route just paste its Strava ID (or whole Strava URL) into top right add new route input and press Enter - the route will be automatically synchronized from Strava.

If the route has been already synchronized before, and now is marked as Private on Strava, or doesn't exist there at all, it will be removed locally.

How to delete one of my own synchronized routes?

To delete one of your own synchronized routes, just mark it as private in Strava and either re-synchronize all your routes. Alternatively you can also exclude it from publishing during the synchronization process.

How to delete a route that does not exist on Strava anymore?

To delete a route that was previously synchronized from Strava (regardless of whether it belongs to you or a different athlete) just add it again manually using add new route in top right corner. This will force its details to be resynchronized from Strava, and if it is not found there, it will be also removed locally.

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