BukkitPlugin - made for competition, super silly bleeding transportation form... on zombies ;)
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Make those damn zombies move you to desired location

Works best on flat surface


1. Make sure you use **SPIGOT** with bukkit mappings *v1_7_R3*.


```YAML general: taxiName: '%s''s taxi' #Name displayed above zombie's head item: material: COMPASS #Material of taxi item name: '&2Taxi' #Name of taxi item description: - 'Use this item to call your taxi.' #Description of item, you must use § for color codes here recipe: type: SHAPED #Recipe shape SHAPED or SHAPELESS layout: [xxx,xyx,xxx] #Layout for SHAPED recipe ingredients: x: STONE #ingredients y: DIAMOND #whatever: STONE #for shapeless recipe destinations: #Destination list - world: World #world name destinations: - x: 0 #x coord z: 0 #z coord icon: STONE #icon describing destination in icon menu name: '&5Park' #name of destination permission: personaltaxi.access.destination.park #If no permission is set "personaltaxi.access.default" will be used - x: 0 z: 0 icon: STONE name: '&5Park' - world: OtherWorld destinations: - x: 0 z: 0 icon: STONE_SWORD name: Park ```


Pathfinding does not work well with destinations >1000 blocks. It's known bug, and i'll try to fix this later.