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A CLI app for generating sitemaps
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Sitemap Generator

Build Status

A CLI app made for generating detailed sitemaps for websites which don't have one.

This piece of software is in early development stage and has not been fully tested, use at your own risk.


  • Multiple workers for faster parsing and generation
  • QueryString inclusion/exclusion for urls which meet regex requirements
  • URL unification (avoiding duplicates)
  • Streamed flow (low memory usage)
  • Output filtering based on URLs
  • Proxy support for avoiding rate limiting
  • Simple and powerful configuration
  • robots.txt support

Building CLI:

  1. Download required libraries
  • go get
  • go get
  1. Build it
  • cd sitemap-generator
  • go build


./sitemap-generator -config config.json - where config.json is location of config file

Example config:

    "url": "", "#":"URL that will be parsed first",
    "parsing": {
        "workers": 2, "#":"Amount of parallel workers parsing pages",
        "parseExclusions": [
            "http://.+\\.example\\.com", "#Don't parse subdomains",
        ], "#":"Which sites not to parse, this doesn't exclude it from being but into sitemap file",
        "params": [
              "regex": "",
              "include": true, "#": "Include means that only params specified below will be kept, Exclude will remove given params.",
              "params": ["id"]
        ], "#":"Specifiec which params should be kept and which one should be stripped",
        "respectRobots": true, "#": "Whether robots.txt should be respected",
        "userAgent": "BOT-SitemapGenerator", "#": "UserAgent for requests",
        "noProxyClient": true, "#": "Whether to create http client without proxy",
        "requestsPerSec": 1, "#": "Amount of requests per client ",
        "stripQueryString": false, "#": "Whether to completely ignore query string",
        "stripWWW": true, "#": "Whether to treat and as thesame page.",
        "burst": 2, "#": "Request burst - accumulation of unused request opportunities from request per sec",
        "cutProtocol": true, "#": "Whether to remove http(s) protocol",
        "proxies": [
                "address": "", "#": "Proxy address",
                "username": "username", "#": "Username",
                "password": "password", "#": "Password"
    "output": [
            "perFile": 4000, "#": "How many sites per file",
            "regex": "", "#": "Which sites should apply",
            "filePrefix": "products",
            "modifiers": {
              "changeFrequency": "daily",
              "priority": 0.1


  • Unit tests
  • Config documentation
  • Benchamarks
  • Adapt for library usage
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