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The Language Sandbox

Pretty much, this is my way of learning functional paradigms. Build something that isn't too hard for me to pull off in Python, and attempt to write it as best I can in one or two functional languages. I will try to follow the idioms as best I can, please post pull requests and leave comments if you're bored and are good at Haskell or Erlang.

There are two text files containing words of the English language included in the root of the repository as encouragement to utilize them in your problem ideas.


  1. Please make a fork for your language to put your work on if you plan on doing a pull request.
  2. Entries that include unit tests are always a good idea.
  3. All entries should follow the tenets of good style for their language.
  4. Clarity is more important than speed or efficiency.

Although you may include more elegant entries alongside a clear example.