pool of Test::mysqld-s reused while testing
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App::Prove::Plugin::MySQLPool - pool of Test::mysqld-s reused while testing


prove -j4 -PMySQLPool t
prove -j4 -PMySQLPool=MyApp::Test::DB t


App::Prove::Plugin::MySQLPool is a prove plugin to speedup your tests using a pool of Test::mysqlds.

If you're using Test::mysqld, and have a lot of tests using it, annoyed by the mysql startup time slowing your tests, this module is for you.

This module launches -j number of Test::mysqld instances first.

Next, each mysqld instance optionally calls

MyApp::Test::DB->prepare( $mysqld );

You can CREATE TABLEs using GitDDL or DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader or others, or bulk insert master data before start testing.

MyApp::Test::DB only needs to implement a prepare sub. prepare is called only once per -j number of mysqld instances, and is called before your first .t file get tested.

# MyApp::Test::DB
sub prepare {
    my ($package, $mysqld) = @_;
    my $gd = GitDDL->new( dsn => $mysqld->dsn, ... );

Use $ENV{ PERL_TEST_MYSQLPOOL_DSN } like following in your test code.

my $dbh = DBI->connect( $ENV{ PERL_TEST_MYSQLPOOL_DSN } );

Since this module reuses mysqlds, you'd better erase all rows inserted at the top of your tests.

$dbh->do( "TRUNCATE $_" ) for @tables;

If you need customize my.cnf, you may want to implement my_cnf method in MyApp::Test::DB.

# MyApp::Test::DB
sub my_cnf {
        "skip-networking" => "",
        "character-set-server" => "utf8mb4",

This config is used before launching Test::mysqld instances. So you can set non-dynamic system variables.


Masakazu Ohtsuka o.masakazu@gmail.com


prove, Test::mysqld


This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.