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// block.php - allows admin to edit all local configuration variables for a block
$blockid = required_param('block', PARAM_INT);
if(!$blockrecord = blocks_get_record($blockid)) {
print_error('blockdoesnotexist', 'error');
$block = block_instance($blockrecord->name);
if($block === false) {
print_error('blockcannotinistantiate', 'error');
// Define the data we're going to silently include in the instance config form here,
// so we can strip them from the submitted data BEFORE handling it.
$hiddendata = array(
'block' => $blockid,
'sesskey' => sesskey()
/// If data submitted, then process and store.
if ($config = data_submitted()) {
if (!confirm_sesskey()) {
print_error('confirmsesskeybad', 'error');
if(!$block->has_config()) {
print_error('blockcannotconfig', 'error');
$remove = array_keys($hiddendata);
foreach($remove as $item) {
redirect("$CFG->wwwroot/$CFG->admin/blocks.php", get_string("changessaved"), 1);
/// Otherwise print the form.
$strmanageblocks = get_string('manageblocks');
$strblockname = $block->get_title();
echo $OUTPUT->header();
echo $OUTPUT->heading($strblockname);
echo $OUTPUT->notification('This block still uses an old-style config_global.html file. ' .
'It must be updated by a developer to use a settings.php file.');
echo $OUTPUT->box(get_string('configwarning', 'admin'), 'generalbox boxwidthnormal boxaligncenter');
echo '<br />';
echo '<form method="post" action="block.php">';
echo '<p>';
foreach($hiddendata as $name => $val) {
echo '<input type="hidden" name="'. $name .'" value="'. $val .'" />';
echo '</p>';
echo $OUTPUT->box_start();
include($CFG->dirroot.'/blocks/'. $block->name() .'/config_global.html');
echo $OUTPUT->box_end();
echo '</form>';
echo $OUTPUT->footer();
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