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Checks Amazon CloudWatch Logs using Filter Syntax.


check-aws-cloudwatch-logs --log-group-name /aws/lambda/sample_log_group --pattern "Error" --critical-over 10 --warning-over 5

Required action

Following action on the target log group is required to perform the monitoring.

  • logs:FilterLogEvents


First, build this program.

go get
cd $(go env GOPATH)/src/
go install

Or you can use this program by installing the official Mackerel package. See Using the official check plugin pack for check monitoring - Mackerel Docs.

Next, you can execute this program :-)

check-aws-cloudwatch-logs --log-group-name /aws/lambda/sample_log_group --pattern "Error" --critical-over 10 --warning-over 5

Setting for mackerel-agent

If there are no problems in the execution result, add a setting in mackerel-agent.conf .

command = ["check-aws-cloudwatch-logs", "--log-group-name", "/aws/lambda/sample_log_group", "--pattern", "Error", "--critical-over", "10", "--warning-over", "5"]



      --log-group-name=LOG-GROUP-NAME                    Log group name
      --log-stream-name-prefix=LOG-STREAM-NAME-PREFIX    Log stream name prefix
  -p, --pattern=PATTERN                                  Pattern to search for. The value is recognized as the pattern syntax of CloudWatch Logs.
  -w, --warning-over=WARNING                             Trigger a warning if matched lines is over a number
  -c, --critical-over=CRITICAL                           Trigger a critical if matched lines is over a number
  -s, --state-dir=DIR                                    Dir to keep state files under
  -r, --return                                           Output matched lines

Note that for --pattern argument, you can use the syntax described in Filter and Pattern Syntax - Amazon CloudWatch Logs. This is not a regular expression.

The plugin uses the instance profile if possible, or you can configure AWS_PROFILE or AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY environment variables in the env settings.

For more information

Please refer to the following.

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