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Check ntp offset.


check-ntpoffset -w=50 -c=100


First, build this program.

go get
cd $(go env GOPATH)/src/
go install

Or you can use this program by installing the official Mackerel package. See Using the official check plugin pack for check monitoring - Mackerel Docs.

Next, you can execute this program :-)

check-ntpoffset -w=50 -c=100

Setting for mackerel-agent

If there are no problems in the execution result, add a setting in mackerel-agent.conf .

command = ["check-ntpoffset", "-w", "50", "-c", "100"]



  -c, --critical=     Critical threshold of ntp offset(ms) (default: 100)
  -w, --warning=      Warning threshold of ntp offset(ms) (default: 50)
  -s, --ntp-servers=  Use specified NTP Servers(plural servers can be set separated by ,). When set plural servers, use first
                      response. If not set, use local command just like ntpd/chronyd.
  -t, --ntp-timeout=  Timeout of NTP Server Querying(in seconds). (default: 15)
  -S, --check-stratum Check stratum and fail if the machine is not synchronized.

For more information

Please execute check-ntpoffset -h and you can get command line options.

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