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package mackerel
// CheckStatus represents check monitoring status
type CheckStatus string
// CheckStatuses
const (
CheckStatusOK CheckStatus = "OK"
CheckStatusWarning CheckStatus = "WARNING"
CheckStatusCritical CheckStatus = "CRITICAL"
CheckStatusUnknown CheckStatus = "UNKNOWN"
// CheckReport represents a report of check monitoring
type CheckReport struct {
Source CheckSource `json:"source"`
Name string `json:"name"`
Status CheckStatus `json:"status"`
Message string `json:"message"`
OccurredAt int64 `json:"occurredAt"`
NotificationInterval uint `json:"notificationInterval,omitempty"`
MaxCheckAttempts uint `json:"maxCheckAttempts,omitempty"`
// CheckSource represents interface to which each check source type must confirm to
type CheckSource interface {
CheckType() string
const checkTypeHost = "host"
// Ensure each check type conforms to the CheckSource interface.
var _ CheckSource = (*checkSourceHost)(nil)
// Ensure only checkSource types defined in this package can be assigned to the
// CheckSource interface.
func (cs *checkSourceHost) isCheckSource() {}
type checkSourceHost struct {
Type string `json:"type"`
HostID string `json:"hostId"`
// CheckType is for satisfying CheckSource interface
func (cs *checkSourceHost) CheckType() string {
return checkTypeHost
// NewCheckSourceHost returns new CheckSource which check type is "host"
func NewCheckSourceHost(hostID string) CheckSource {
return &checkSourceHost{
Type: checkTypeHost,
HostID: hostID,
// CheckReports represents check reports for API
type CheckReports struct {
Reports []*CheckReport `json:"reports"`
// PostCheckReports reports check monitoring results
func (c *Client) PostCheckReports(crs *CheckReports) error {
resp, err := c.PostJSON("/api/v0/monitoring/checks/report", crs)
defer closeResponse(resp)
return err
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