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this script generates randomized super mario bros level-like images using
python and a markov chain.

how to run:


see the output example files if you're just curious what the results look like.

the input level is 5-2.  i haven't yet figured out a good way to automate the
"cleaning up" of input maps, so i haven't tried it with other levels.
tree/water/castle levels could be interesting.  mixing different levels as

planned improvements:

    use the data gathered from the input level to build a level that is of
    different dimensions, like, say, WAY bigger.  this could be interesting to
    actually play, although hacking into an emulator of the original game is
    probably not feasible.  maybe find some mario-like game that's open source
    and is easy to produce level data for?  it sure would be cooler if it
    really were smb, though.

original map obtained from and scaled/
modified to a representational format where one pixel equals one tile, or 16x16
pixels in-game, and each color represents a certain type of tile:

    brown = brick/ground
    blue = question box
    white = cloud
    red = spring
    grey = pipe
    black = bullet bill cannon
    light blue = sky

written by nick welch in the year 2009.  author disclaims copyright.