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The tiniest window manager.
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TinyWM is written by Nick Welch <> in 2005 & 2011.

This software is in the public domain and is provided AS IS, with NO WARRANTY.

TinyWM is a ridiculously tiny window manager implemented in nearly as few lines
of C as possible, without being obfuscated or entirely useless. It allows you
to move, resize, focus (sloppy), and raise windows -- that's it!  TinyWM's main
purpose is to serve as a quick example of some window manager programming


  Makefile: highly advanced build system
  tinywm.c: the code
  annotated.c: same, but with tons of rambling comments about everything a python version (requires CVS python-xlib due to a bug)


  Focus follows pointer.
  Alt+Button1, drag: interactive window move
  Alt+Button3, drag: interactive window resize
  Alt+F1: raise focused window

  Another very small window manager is failsafewm.  Originally I started
  hacking on it, as there was quite a bit of stuff in it that I thought was
  unneeded.  I wound up rewriting it from scratch, with just the bare
  necessities, and that became TinyWM.

  Yet another small -- but in comparison to TinyWM, big -- window manager is
  aewm.  It's a good example for learning about writing a window manager.

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