Runs multiple searches on The Pirate Bay and aggregates the results into a single HTML page.
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torrentfinder is a small script for running multiple searches on The Pirate Bay and aggregating the results into a single HTML page.


The Python lxml library is required. In Debian/Ubuntu, install it with apt-get install python-lxml. Otherwise, try easy_install lxml.


Run it like this:

$ python my-input-file

my-input-file may be a text file with a search phrase on each line, or it may be a CSV file, where the first column is assumed to be the search phrase. Because the file is treated as CSV, make sure you quote strings that contain commas.

The searches will be executed and the results written to a file called output.html in the current directory. Note that the script is fairly slow to run; this is intentional. TPB are providing a free service and it's not nice to hammer their servers, so the script waits for a few seconds between each request.

Copyright Information

Written by Nick Welch in 2010.
No copyright. This work is dedicated to the public domain.
For full details, see