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# Written by Nick Welch in the years 2005-2008. Author disclaims copyright.
from whimsy.base_config import *
import socket
def corn(cmd):
return 'dbus-send --session --type=method_call --dest=org.mpris.corn '\
'/Player org.freedesktop.MediaPlayer.%s' % cmd
wm.vwidth = W * 3
wm.vheight = H * 3
chains = [
(if_key("u", C+A), viewport_absolute_move( 0, 0)),
(if_key("i", C+A), viewport_absolute_move( W, 0)),
(if_key("o", C+A), viewport_absolute_move(W*2, 0)),
(if_key("j", C+A), viewport_absolute_move( 0, H)),
(if_key("k", C+A), viewport_absolute_move( W, H)),
(if_key("l", C+A), viewport_absolute_move(W*2, H)),
(if_key("m", C+A), viewport_absolute_move( 0, H*2)),
(if_key("comma", C+A), viewport_absolute_move( W, H*2)),
(if_key("period", C+A), viewport_absolute_move(W*2, H*2)),
(if_key("Left", C), viewport_relative_move(-W, 0)),
(if_key("Right", C), viewport_relative_move(+W, 0)),
(if_key("Up", C), viewport_relative_move( 0, -H)),
(if_key("Down", C), viewport_relative_move( 0, +H)),
(if_key("x", C+A), execute("urxvt")),
(if_key("s", C+A), execute("sleep 1; xset s activate")),
(if_key("z", M4), execute(corn("Prev"))),
(if_key("x", M4), execute(corn("Stop"))),
(if_key("c", M4), execute(corn("Play"))),
(if_key("v", M4), execute(corn("Pause"))),
(if_key("b", M4), execute(corn("Next"))),
(if_key('w', C+A), if_manipulable, delete_client()),
(if_button(1, A), if_manipulable, flipping_move()),
(if_button(3, A), if_manipulable, flipping_resize()),
(if_button(4, A), if_manipulable, client_method('stack_bottom')),
(if_button(5, A), if_manipulable, client_method('stack_top')),
# maximizations: full screen, left half, right half
(if_key("f", M4), if_manipulable, ewmh.tile(0, 0, 100, 100)),
(if_key("h", M4), if_manipulable, ewmh.tile(0, 0, 50, 100)),
(if_key("l", M4), if_manipulable, ewmh.tile(50, 0, 50, 100)),
# the recursiveness of grabbing on root is also causing global keybindings to
# temporarily shift focus to root when using them.
for chain in chains:
app.hub.attach("event", *chain)