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Simple app for overriding light mode per app on macOS (demo for a blog post)
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Dark Mode Switcher

This is a demo app I've built as an experiment in using SwiftUI with AppKit, as described in this blog post:

The app lets you force any other app to use a light mode when the whole desktop uses a dark mode. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any way now to do the opposite (use dark mode only in specific apps).

This isn't really a great app, it's mostly useful as sample code - it works pretty slowly because of the constant AutoLayout constraint errors, which I don't know how to fix. So I'm not providing any binaries - if you really want to try it, just download the code and build it.


Copyright © 2019 Kuba Suder. The entire code of the app is licensed under WTFPL License - this is intended to be example code after all, so feel free to take whatever parts you need and use them for anything you need.

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