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xar Release Notes
1.6.1 (2012-09-17)
* Fix issues #75, #76
* Added NEWS file
* Stealth support for any available EVP_get_digestbyname hash (see man page)
* Support digests sha224, sha256, sha384 and sha512 provided the linked
libcrypto supports them (OpenSSL 0.9.8 and later). Note that using a
--toc-cksum other than none, md5 or sha1 (the default) is NOT backwards
compatible (requires extended binary header support), but using a
--file-cksum other than none, md5 or sha1 is backwards compatible provided
the recipient's libcrypto supports it. Both --toc-cksum and --file-cksum
must be specified to get them to be different.
* Do not attempt to extract attribute information to a non-file destination
* Handle 6 more flags bits including UF_HIDDEN and UF_COMPRESSED
* Fix xar_get_mode output to still include type when mode is unavailable
(This also fixes alignment problems in -tv output when mode is missing)
* Fix archival of FinderCreateTime on 64 bit archs (extract was already okay)
* Add support for --recompress option to blindly recompress all files added
to the archive not matched by a --no-compress option when a --compression
type other than none is in effect. All prior versions of xar always behave
as though --recompress has been specified.
* Recognized already-compressed files will now just be stored as-is in the
archive without a second compression. The gzip, bzip2 and xz formats are
currently recognized. The --recompress option disables this behavior.
The xar library itself now provides this support (XAR_OPT_RECOMPRESS).
* xar.h c++ compatibility added
* XAR_OPT_TOCCKSUM can now be set after adding signatures without causing
archive corruption
* Update liblzma support to work with current liblzma versions
* Show additional information in --version output if --verbose given first
* Update man page and --help output to be current
* Allow --compression=xz whenever --compression=lzma is supported
* Now builds on cygwin
* A huge number of warnings were eliminated so compilations should be much
cleaner on many platforms now
* Add support for --rfc6713 (see man page) (XAR_OPT_RFC6713FORMAT)
* Support compiling against an older libcrypto but running against a newer one
* Make extracted-checksum/archived-checksum use long hash name to match value
used in toc checksum (backwards compatible)
* Add missing trailing 'Z' to creation-date in archive (backwards compatible)
* Help output (--help) now goes to standard output instead of standard error
* Reduce spew on command line argument error
* Support --directory (-C) during archive as well as extract
* Add support for --to-stdout (-O) (XAR_OPT_EXTRACTSTDOUT)
* Add support for --strip-components (XAR_OPT_STRIPCOMPONENTS)
* Command aliases added (--create, --extract, --list, --file, --directory,
--verbose, --one-file-system, -V)
* The xar header version can now be easily #if tested using XAR_VERSION_NUM
* The xar library version can now be fetched with XAR_OPT_XARLIBVERSION
* xar_from_base64 no longer adds extra bytes to the decoded output
* Library now adds a signature-creation-time element which contains the
"%.1f" formatted number of seconds since 2001-01-01T00:00:00Z when any
signatures are present
* Rudimentary command line signature support (--sign/--replace-sign etc.)
* configure now defaults compiler options to "-Wall -g -O2" for gcc
* Update Xcode projects
* Import into git (adding .gitignore and .gitattributes)
* Initial release from project
1.5.3 (2010-04-12)
* Fix issue #68
* Ensure binary header and toc checksum types match
* configure improvements
1.5.2 (2007-12-29)
* Fix issues #2, #32, #41, #42, #43
* Allow --prop-exclude ea to exclude darwin/FreeBSD extended attributes
* Add support for --compression-args
* Add support for lzma compression (-a or --compression=lzma)
* Add support for --keep-existing (-k)
* Add support for bzip2 compression (-j or --compression=bzip2)
1.5.0 (2007-05-16)
* Initial release from project