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OpenDataBenin submission repository

This is the submission repository for the OpenDataBenin project.

How to submit data or dataviz ?

  1. You must have a GitHub account

  2. Fork our Data Submission repository

  3. Clone this new repository into your desktop environment

    $ git clone
  4. Create a new branch with your username

    $ git checkout -b USERNAME
  5. Add your data, visualization, code and post (see if applicable, then commit your changes:

    $ git commit -a -m "Cool comment describing your submission"
  6. Push to github

    $ git push origin USERNAME
  7. Issue a pull request (PR) to OpenDataBenin with title containing your submission title and the authors' name. Please follow the template that will appear once you opened the pull request:


I am submitting : 

* [x] a new dataset
* [x] a new visualization
* [ ] an update of dataset : (add DOI number here)

### Information on submission 

**Author(s)**:   Emmanuel Noutahi
**Submission title**:  Importation massive de riz au Bénin
**Data source (DOI, reference or OC if original content)**:   
**Link to you repository if applicable**:  
**Keywords (up to 5)**: riz, benin, contrebande, production

### Results

* [x] Submitted data/visualization/code is open source.
* [x] The data was obtained legally and I am not infringing any license.



* [ ] Submission acknowledged
* [ ] Submission reviewed
* [ ] Submission accepted
  1. Answer questions and requests made in the PR conversation page.


Importation massive de riz au bénin



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