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Course Syllabi

I keep syllabuses from my past courses online because someone else might find them useful. Each of these is a website. Older courses were static HTML sites that I built. Newer courses are at The most recent courses are at the top. Usually I teach two courses each semester at UF.

For a synopsis of any course, open the About page in the syllabus. For weekly topics and links to assignments, open the Course Schedule page.

All available course materials are free to use under the conditions of this license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Current courses

New Media and a Democratic Society MMC 6612 Fall 2017 (graduate course)

Intro to Web Apps JOU 3363 (used to be JOU 4930*) Fall 2017

Advanced Web Apps JOU 4364 (used to be JOU 4930*) Spring 2018

Advanced Social Media JOU 4930* Spring 2017

Old courses

These are no longer offered.

Advanced Online Media Production MMC 4341 Spring 2015

(Un)Common Reading: Net Freedom IDH 3931 Fall 2013 (global Internet openness and security)

Journalists' Toolkit 1 JOU 6344 Fall 2013 (multimedia reporting skills)

Advanced Online Media Production MMC 4341 Spring 2011 (the last time I taught Adobe Flash)

Multimedia Reporting JOU 4930* Fall 2010 (multimedia reporting skills)

Reporting & Writing for Online Media JOU 4341 Fall 2008

Technology, Change and Communications MMC 2265 Spring 2008 (history of communication technologies from cave painting to the Internet)

* JOU 4930 is a course number given to special topics and new courses that have not yet gone through a committee process to receive a unique course number.