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Cloud Computing is:

the on-demand delivery of compute power, storage, databases, applications, artificial intelligence, machine learning and other IT resources over the internet with pay-as-you-go pricing.

The term “Cloud” is generally used to encompass this technology, ecosystem of platforms and tools as well as ways-of-working and architectural approaches that make the best use of cloud technology.

Cloud services should be "OSSM":

  • On-demand: services are available when requested, being provided in seconds/minutes not days and weeks
  • Self-service: users can create, manage and destroy resoruces themselves, often via an API
  • Scalable: users can choose the amount of resources they want, increasing and decreasing them in line with their needs
  • Measurable: service usage is measured and monitored supporting logging, auditability and cost management

Cloud is often decribed in terms of [IaaS]({{< ref "IaaS" >}}), [PaaS]({{< ref "PaaS" >}}) and [Serverless]({{< ref "Serverless" >}}).

{{< figure src="/images/cloud_stacks.png" alt="Cloud Stacks" class="img-800-center">}}

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