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Server for atom-package-sync
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Atom Package Sync Server

Server side for hosting the synchronization service of atom-package-sync.

How to install

1. Install prerequisites

The service uses NodeJs for the server, MongoDB as its database and Redis for caching. On Ubutun/Debian, you can install them like this:

sudo apt-get install nodejs mongodb redis-server

2. Clone atom-package-sync-server

git clone

3. Configure the server

Before running the server, two files must be created:

  • config/production.json
  • secrets/production.json

The first one contains the configuration settings and the second one contains more sensitive data, like passwords and secret keys.

A basic template exists for both:

mv config/default.json.example config/production.json

In the config file:

  • serverPort: Listening port of the server (default 80)
  • database: Url for connecting to MongoDB (default mongodb://localhost:27017/atom-package-sync)
  • cacheHost: Redis server host (default localhost)
  • cachePort: Redis port (default 6379)
  • cacheDb: Redis database number (default 0)
  • googleClientAppId: Google Id
  • googleClientWebId: Not currently used, you can keep it blank

To copy the second config template:

mv secrets/default.json.example secrets/production.json
  • tokens: Private key for token generation
  • googleClientAppSecret: Private key for Google Auth

4. Install NPM modules

npm install --production

5. Setup NODE_ENV environment variable

For production use, the server needs NODE_ENV environment variable to be set to production:

export NODE_ENV=production

6. Run the server

npm start

Last notes

A docker file is available for easy setup. It doesn't contain MongoDb nor Redis, only the node server.

docker build -t atom-package-sync-server -f deploy/Dockerfile .
docker run -d -p 80:80 atom-package-sync-server
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