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                ~= oRANGe =~
                 my lil toy
  Orange is my toy language to experiment
  with LLVM and Ruby syntax in general and
  strictly speaking. It's like a research
  project with no paper, but with a project
  and unorganized researches (but no super-
  visor with a beard and old glasses).
  Fell free to join me in this mystic quest
  to language and performance nirvana as we
  use LLVM to construct one of the fastest
  and awesomer runtime ever build on a lap-
  top by mankind in the history of GitHub!
              Hurray comrades!
                PS.: to use:
    sudo gem install tombagby-llvmruby \
      --source http://gems.github.com \
       && bin/orange example/simple.or
              (c) macournoyer