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The Rack App that pushes (aka Rack::Comet)
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= Pusher -- The Rack App that pushes (aka Rack::Comet)

Pusher is a Rack middleware that implement Ajax Push aka Comet

== Supported transports
* XHR Streaming transport on Firefox, Safari
* Event-source transport on Opera
- HtmlFile transport not yet implement on IE
* Fallback to long poll on others

== Awesome features
* Fully asynchronous
* Fault tolerant client side library
* Usable inside any Rack application
* Easy to install, configure, scale

== Important missing features / bugs
* Only works in 1 tab/window at the time
* Client requires Prototype

== Usage
See example/

See pusher.todo for more

== License
(c) macournoyer

Released under the Ruby license:
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