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New and ultra-turbo-crazy-fast backend for Thin

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== Thin-Turbo
New and ultra-turbo-crazy-fast backend for Thin

This is an experimental backend for Thin (
It's a complete rewrite in C of the code handling the request and producing the response.
Once this code is proved to be stable it will replace the current backend of Thin. For
now it will be distributed as a separated gem and loaded as "plugin backend" (see Usage).

Goals of this rewrite:
* Be as fast as possible
* Call Rack app in a thread
* Remove dependency over EventMachine
* Reduce memory usage

=== Installation
 sudo gem install thin
 git clone git://
 cd thin-turbo
 rake install

=== Usage

 thin start -r thin-turbo -b Thin::Backends::Turbo ...

=== License
Ruby License,

=== Credits
Thin is copyright Marc-Andre Cournoyer <>

Get help at
Report bugs at
and major security issues directly to a team member (see COMMITTERS)
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