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Added a sample_migrate_config.clj. Also added the ability to set the …

…default src directory.
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macourtney committed Nov 24, 2011
1 parent 84182ef commit 3d4f5dccb96cab24490838fb0c3e46afa11f4df1
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  1. +62 −0 sample_migrate_config.clj
  2. +7 −4 src/drift/core.clj
@@ -0,0 +1,62 @@
+(ns sample.migrate-config
+ (:use drift.core)
+ (:require [drift.builder :as builder]
+ [drift-db.migrate :as drift-db-migrate]))
+;; This is a sample migrate-config file. All possible options are listed with comments.
+(defn init-flavor [args]
+ (println "Initializing drift."))
+(defn migrate-namespaces [migrate-dir-name migrate-namespace-prefix]
+ (migration-namespaces))
+(defn migrate-config []
+ {
+ ; This is a function takes no arguments and returns the database's current version. In the example below, the
+ ; drift-db current-version function is used. Required.
+ :current-version drift-db-migrate/current-version
+ ; This is a function which takes the version from Drift and set the database to that version. In the example below,
+ ; the drift-db update-version function is used. Required.
+ :update-version drift-db-migrate/update-version
+ ; This is the path where your migrations can be found. It is :src path, in this
+ ; case '/src', is not included in the namespace for the migrations. Defaults to "/src/migrations" Optional.
+ :directory "/src/database/migrations"
+ ; This is the source directory path. This path is subtracted from the :directory to determine how to generate the
+ ; namespace-prefix. Defaults to "/src"
+ :src "/src"
+ ; This is the namespace prefix for each migration. The namespace prefix is the part of the migration namespace not
+ ; including the file name. For example, for the migration file 001_test.clj, the full namespace calculated from the
+ ; namespace-prefix would be database.migrations.001-test. If the namespace prefix is not set, then it is calculated
+ ; from the :directory. Optional.
+ :namespace-prefix "database.migrations"
+ ; This is the initialization function which will be called before any migrations are run. If you have any
+ ; initialization code which needs to be called before your migrations are called, add it to this function. The init
+ ; function must accept a single argument which will be a list of arguments passed to drift excluding the version
+ ; argument. Init may be called multiple times before the migrations are run. Optional.
+ :init init-flavor
+ ; This is a function which returns the next number to use when creating a new migration file. There are two
+ ; migration number generators included with Drift: incremental-migration-number-generator and
+ ; timestamp-migration-number-generator. The incremental-migration-number-generator simply starts with '001' and
+ ; increments the migration number for each new migration file. The timestamp-migration-number-generator uses the
+ ; current date and time to create the migration number. If the migration number generator is not given, the
+ ; timestamp-migration-number-generator is used.
+ :migration-number-generator builder/incremental-migration-number-generator
+ ; This is extra namespace content added when Drift generates a new migration file. The text is simply added in the
+ ; call to ns, after the namespace. Optional.
+ :ns-content "\n (:use drift-db.core)"
+ ; This is a function which takes the migration directory and the namespace prefix and returns all of the migration
+ ; namespaces. If this option is not set, Drift uses the :directory and :namespace-prefix to find all of the
+ ; migration namespaces. You should only have to use this option if your directory structure is very unusual.
+ ; Optional.
+ :migration-namespaces migrate-namespaces
+ })
@@ -5,7 +5,8 @@
[ :as logging]
[ :as loading-utils]))
-(def migrate-dir "migrate")
+(def migrate-dir "/src/migrate")
+(def src-dir "/src")
(def config-ns-symbol 'config.migrate-config)
@@ -42,6 +43,10 @@
find-migrate-dir-name []
(or (:directory (find-config)) migrate-dir))
+ find-src-dir []
+ (or (:src (find-config)) src-dir))
#^{:doc "Returns the directory where Conjure is running from."}
user-directory []
@@ -77,9 +82,7 @@
([] (migrate-namespace-dir (find-migrate-dir-name)))
- (if-let [file-separator-index (file-separator-index migrate-dir-name)]
- (.substring migrate-dir-name (inc file-separator-index))
- migrate-dir-name)))
+ (.substring migrate-dir-name (count (find-src-dir)))))
#^{ :doc "Returns the namespace prefix for the migrate directory name." }

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