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doc: Regenerate port-mirror.1

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kurthindenburg committed Jun 29, 2019
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@@ -33,6 +33,22 @@ port-mirror \- Fetch distfiles for a port
\fBport mirror\fR creates or updates a local mirror of source archives (called \fIdistfiles\fR in MacPorts lingo) for the ports given on the command line\&. It will download any file that can be fetched using the standard \fBlibcurl\fR(3) download method and ignore ports that fetch from version control systems such as Subversion or Git\&.
Downloaded files will be checked for consistency and deleted if the checksums don\(cqt match those specified in the \fIPortfile\fR\&. Additionally, successfully downloaded files are stored in a custom database in \fI$portdbpath/distfiles_mirror\&.db\fR, where \fI$portdbpath\fR can be configured in \fBmacports.conf\fR(5)\&. This database can be deleted and re\-created from scratch using the \fB\-\-new\fR option\&.
.if n \{\
.RS 4
.it 1 an-trap
.nr an-no-space-flag 1
.nr an-break-flag 1
.ps +1
.ps -1
Ports that have NoMirror in their license field will not be mirrored\&.
.sp .5v

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