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port select --summary: format all lines equally, sort the "none" opti…

…on to the back

git-svn-id: d073be05-634f-4543-b044-5fe20cf6d1d6
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neverpanic committed Mar 8, 2014
1 parent da12d8e commit 50fa893c568e354d8dcf278eb540aafb8fcdd0ad
Showing with 26 additions and 10 deletions.
  1. +26 −10 src/port/port.tcl
@@ -2614,24 +2614,40 @@ proc action_select { action portlist opts } {
set w1 4
set w2 8
set formatStr "%-*s %-*s %s"
puts [format $formatStr $w1 "Name" $w2 "Selected" "Options"]

set groups [list]
foreach pg $portgroups {
array set groupdesc {}
set groupdesc(name) [string trim $pg]

if {[catch {mportselect list $pg} versions]} {
ui_error "The list of versions could not be obtained: $versions"
return 1
ui_warn "The list of options for the select group $pg could not be obtained: $versions"

foreach v $versions {
if {[catch {mportselect show $pg} selected_version]} {
ui_error "The 'show' command failed: $selected_version"
return 1
# remove "none", sort the list, append none at the end
set noneidx [lsearch -exact $versions "none"]
set versions [lsort [lreplace $versions $noneidx $noneidx]]
lappend versions "none"
set groupdesc(versions) $versions

if {[catch {mportselect show $pg} selected_version]} {
ui_warn "The currently selected option for the select group $pg could not be obtained: $selected_version"
set groupdesc(selected) $selected_version

set w1 [expr {max($w1, [string length $pg])}]
set w2 [expr {max($w2, [string length $selected_version])}]

puts [format $formatStr $w1 [string trim $pg] $w2 $selected_version [join $versions " "]]
lappend groups [array get groupdesc]
array unset groupdesc
puts [format $formatStr $w1 "Name" $w2 "Selected" "Options"]
puts [format $formatStr $w1 "====" $w2 "========" "======="]
foreach groupdesc $groups {
array set groupd $groupdesc
puts [format $formatStr $w1 $groupd(name) $w2 $groupd(selected) [join $groupd(versions) " "]]
array unset groupd
return 0

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