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Update ChangeLog for 2.7.0

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jmroot committed Jun 26, 2020
1 parent df72426 commit 775f53bb22d5e3ea2e21f3020140f4815947823a
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Release 2.7.0 (unreleased)
- reclaim: remove everything under build and ccache directories
(khindenburg in b9fdb847)
(khindenburg in d08d261f)
(khindenburg in b9fdb847, d08d261f)

- For install action, abort if any @version is provided on command line
(khindenburg in 835a7db1)
(jmr in ca071954)
(khindenburg, jmr in 835a7db1, ca071954)

- Abort when a port includes a nonexistent PortGroup
(khindenburg in d9139328)

- Adjust lint --niptick on patchfiles to allow *.diff or *.patch
- Adjust lint --nitpick on patchfiles to allow *.diff or *.patch
(khindenburg in 5037999e)

- Display a progress bar when the underlying build system provides the
necessary information, which is currently cmake and ninja
(#15939, landonf in da3524e)

- Support compressed web pages for livecheck
(#55011, dgilman in 8c41ca7, d741f0c)

Release 2.6.3 (unreleased)
- Fixed an issue where post-extract ran with elevated privileges when
adduser was used in a Portfile

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