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ChangeLog: add some of the changes done since the last release

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neverpanic committed Mar 9, 2014
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Release 2.3 (unreleased)
- Use a private copy of Tcl 8.5 for MacPorts. Starting with this change
features introduced with Tcl 8.5 can be used in Portfiles while still
keeping support for Tiger and Leopard. (cal in r117621)

- Add select --summary option. (#36179, snc in r117607)

- Display a progress indicator for slow downloads. (cal in r117044)

- Attempt to use HTTP pipelining when downloading. (cal in r117022)

- Allow ports to select a specific version of the Mac OS X SDK
for builds. (larryv in r116437)

- Check for Command Line Tools presence and Xcode license agreement
acceptance and print helpful warnings if they aren't detected. (cal in

- Support using .tar.lz archives using use_lzip (mww in r114652)

- Enhance the "move" Portfile builtin to support case-only renames
on case-insensitive filesystems. (#41679, ryandesign in r114289)

- Fix a regression that caused problems with sandboxing when the MacPorts
prefix contained a symlink. (#39850, cal in r113704)

- Disable Spotlight indexing on build directories, distfiles,
registry, log files, archives, base source and the default ports
tree. (cal in r113649)
@@ -22,6 +37,9 @@ Release 2.3 (unreleased)
it was configured for and refer user to migration instructions.
(raimue in r113478)

- Merge curl HTTP POST support required for MacPorts port statistics
developed in GSoC 2011 (jmr in r113396, original code by derek)

- In debug output, sort environment variables and print one per
line. (#40703, ryandesign in r113037)

@@ -31,6 +49,17 @@ Release 2.3 (unreleased)
- Add "-prepend" command for Portfile options (similar to existing
"-append" command). (#40655, ryandesign in r111990)

- Merge new test framework developed in GSoC 2003 (mariusc in 111325)

- Support clang's -stdlib option explicitly using configure.cxx_stdlib
rather than relying on its default value. This can be used to make
MacPorts use libc++ on OS X < 10.9. (larryv in r110519)

- Support syncing git-svn working copies. (jeremyhu in r109747)

- Remove support for mports:// and non-tarball HTTP/FTP port tree sources.
(cal in r109659)

Release 2.2.1 (2013-10-26 by jmr)
- Fixed a problem where dependency calculation could sometimes fail for
ports that only support 32-bit architectures when the configured

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