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Add new ChangeLog to document major changes for each release

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# $Id: ChangeLog,v 1.1 2005/10/08 19:45:52 jberry Exp $
# This is a log of major user-visible changes in each release

Release 1.2:

- Enhance port command to allow multiple ports per invocation.
Where previously one said "port install porta; port install portb",
one can now say "port install porta portb".

- Enhance port command to allow use of shell-like glob patterns for
port selection. When a glob pattern is found, the group of ports
matching the glob pattern is substituted.

- Enhance port command to allow use of "psuedo" portnames to specify
groups of ports.
When one of these pseudo portnames is specified on the command line,
the corresponding group of ports is substituted.

Currently defined psuedo portnames are:
all, installed, uninstalled, activate, inactive, outdated, current

Additional psuedo portnames can be used to as selectors to select
ports based on a regex pattern match against certain criteria.
Each port selector is a name, followed by a colon,
followed by the desired regex pattern. The selectors are: variants:,
variant:, description:, portdir:, homepage:, epoch:, platforms:,
platform:, name:, long_description:, maintainers:, maintainer:,
categories:, category:, and revision:

- Enhance port command to allow use of boolean expressions to combine
ports. The operators are "and", "or", "not", "!", "(", ")".

- Under Tiger, startupitems are now by default generated for launchd
rather than systemstarter.

- Add new startupitem keys startupitem.executable, startupitem.logfile,
startupitem.logevents, startupitem.pidfile, supported by both
systemstarter and launchd.

Release 1.1:

(information not here).

Release 1.0:

(information not here).

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