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MacPorts 2.3.5

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@raimue raimue released this 16 Nov 15:24
· 1527 commits to master since this release
  • Updated compiler selection for macOS 10.12 Sierra
    (jeremyhu in r141134 and r150305)
  • Do not use default archive_sites for custom ports trees
    (raimue in r147456)
  • Prune symlinks to deleted libtool archives (.la)
    (#40935, jmr in r119571, r119594, r119595)
  • Return an error if livecheck matched a version older than the current
    (jmr, raimue in r127797, r149299)
  • Permit pkg phase to be run as root, if needed for additional
    modifications in destroot.
    (ctreleaven in r152115)
  • Ignore warnings on stderr for archive extraction to allow use of gnutar.
    (#42492, cal in r132312)
  • Create the documented porthier(7) directory structure in ${prefix}/var
    and ${prefix}/share for destroot phase.
    (#45434, #47688, ryandesign in r135998, r135999)
  • When syncing a ports tree failed, operation could continue with the
    wrong uid.
    (#43202, cal in r118570)
  • Change default of livecheck.ignore_sslcert to "no".
    (#52515, raimue in r153648)
  • No longer check Subversion properties in 'port lint'
    (#48577, ryandesign in r153865)
  • Fix problems with the postflight script in the installer.
    (#43875, #43749, cal in r122042, r122044, r154073, r154110)
  • Warn when the obsolete Subversion repository is used.
    (raimue in r154451)
  • port lint: warn if obsolete $Id$ keyword is used.
    (#52757, raimue in fc45aaf)
  • Support multi-valued entries in the maintainers field and allow GitHub
    usernames as maintainers
    (cal in 30c27d5)