@jmroot jmroot released this Jan 11, 2017 · 432 commits to master since this release

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  • New action 'port reclaim' to clean inactive ports and unnecessary
    distfiles to get back disk space, developed during GSoC 2014.
    (ksammons in branch gsoc14-cleanup)
  • New action 'port diagnose' to check for installation problems and
    configuration errors, developed during GSoC 2014.
    (ksammons in branch gsoc14-cleanup)
  • Replaced the strings previously printed by "port help" with much more
    detailed and current manpages written using asciidoc that open
    automatically. Added documentation for almost all commands currently
    implemented by MacPorts.
    (raimue in branch new-help-system, merge in r123002,
    manpages written by cal, jmr, raimue, ionic, jeremyhu,
    #44530, #15467)
  • Added interactive questions for various use cases like 'install',
    'activate', 'uninstall --follow-dependencies'. Also added global
    flag '-N' to provide non-interactive invocations.
    (shasha in branch gsoc14-interactive, merge in r124243)
  • Display notes for installed or updated ports at the end of the
    installation to prevent them from getting lost in the scrolling output.
    (#24507, cal in r118304, patch by snc)
  • Show date in verbose output of 'port installed'
    (raimue in r146757, r152685)
  • Added "setunrequested" alias for "unsetrequested" command.
    (ionic in r130217)
  • Handle SIGTERM and SIGINT (^C) in MacPorts to prevent inconsistencies in
    the registry database when MacPorts is aborted during a critical
    (cal in r118297 and r118298)
  • Added macports_version to the Portfile execution context, to allow
    checking the current MacPorts version in Portfiles.
    (cal in r134511)
  • Add depends_test to handle the dependencies for the test phase of ports.
    (#38208, khindenburg in r140488)
  • Remove "support" for rpm and deb packages in MacPorts, leaving pkg/mpkg.
    (afb in r123004)
  • Remove deprecated rpm-vercomp function, ports should use vercmp instead.
    (afb in r123005)
  • Use pkgbuild instead of in 'port pkg' on newer systems.
    (#42725, jmr in dd89bb8)