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MacPorts 2.5.0-beta1

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@jmroot jmroot released this 10 May 05:33
· 1033 commits to master since this release

Changes since 2.4.4:

  • New pseudo-portname 'rleaves', matching installed ports that are
    unrequested and that no requested ports depend on.
    (danchr in b042c0e)

  • 'port reclaim' will automatically run 'port rev-upgrade' at the end.
    (danchr in eed6ffc)

  • 'port reclaim' will only remove all unrequested ports as manual
    selection of a subset could break dependents.
    (g5pw in 3578400)

  • 'port reclaim' respects -N for non-interactive and -y for dry run mode.
    (#53857, raimue in 08d0a69)

  • New flag 'port fetch --no-mirrors' which will only fetch from URLs
    in master_sites.
    (raimue in 0cf1faf)

  • 'port selfupdate --nosync' has been deprecated, use '--no-sync' instead.
    (#56434, raimue in ce6d481)

  • Apply HFS+ compression on activation when bsdtar is available and
    supports --hfsCompression. Used automatically when libarchive is
    (#36560, eborisch, raimue in 829557e)

  • Allow dots in variant names.
    (#46807, raimue in c3f0873)

  • Sandbox allows access to /dev/ptmx and /dev/ttys*
    (ryandesign in 8765c14)

  • New option use_tar for ports that use uncompressed tar archives
    as distfile.
    (ryandesign in f10e0e3)

  • Add depends_patch to handle the patch dependencies of ports
    (#52445, khindenburg in a74c159)

  • Add the ability to handle xz patch files
    (#52445, khindenburg in 5a142fd)

  • The cxx_stdlib and delete_la_files settings are taken into account when
    determining which archive sites can be used. (#56053, jmr in cbbc31e)

  • New options startupitem.debug and startupitem.daemondo.verbosity
    (#22471, jmr in fd19a71)

  • StartupItems installed by a port are unloaded when the port is
    deactivated, and reloaded after it is upgraded.
    (#23677, jmr in 738e5f5)

  • The message about how to load a port's StartupItem is now part of the
    notes, and will thus be displayed when ports are installed from a
    binary archive, and can be reviewed later with 'port notes'.
    (#31798, jmr in 6faf3f8)

  • startupitem_autostart macports.conf setting allows autostart to be
    disabled for all ports. (#40074, jmr in 85ffdc7)

  • Ports can install more than one StartupItem using the 'startupitems'
    option. (#44295, jmr in 99d5fb3)

  • Having a different startupitem.install setting than was used when
    a binary archive was built now works. (#44496, jmr in 3dde77d)

  • 'port load' will now attempt to load launchd plists even if they have
    not been installed in /Library. (#44497, jmr in ec4ae2d)

  • StartupItems installed as LaunchAgents can be loaded for the current
    user with 'port load'. Loading LaunchDaemons still requires root.
    (jmr in 190bf96)