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MacPorts 2.6.0 beta 1

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@jmroot jmroot released this 01 Sep 15:53
· 871 commits to master since this release

Changes since 2.5.4:

  • Extend the touch command to take a -W directory parameter.
    (#53730, khindenburg in a90c4b2)

  • Added fetch.user_agent option to allow working around servers
    that don't like our default User-Agent string.
    (slewsys in e5a420c)

  • Enabled sending custom headers in livecheck. (jonesc in 84f97ca)

  • Improved explanatory message when a port cannot be built with
    +universal on macOS 10.14. (#57245, jmr in 918c347)

  • Overhauled compiler selection logic. Ports can now specify that
    they require a particular C or C++ standard (e.g. C++11),
    Fortran, OpenMP, MPI, or TLS, and a suitable compiler will be
    chosen based on all these criteria. (mcalhoun in 5e17a69)

  • Rewrote handling of *.env options. This should fix cases where
    environment variables were not being set because the old code
    silently failed to parse something and skipped all remaining
    variables in the list. This change requires different quoting in
    some cases: each list element now needs to contain a single
    assignment (like VAR=value). (jmr in 9313be5)

  • 'port info' with multiple field options now outputs the fields
    in the order they were given. (#57003, khindenburg in e115b59)

  • Added 'bump' action to assist in updating ports to new upstream
    versions. (satraul in 9c91a29)

  • Added use_xcode option which indicates that a port requires a
    full Xcode installation to build (as opposed to just the Command
    Line Tools). This should allow MacPorts to only complain about
    Xcode not being installed when it's really needed.
    (#58016, satraul in 057ce2b)

  • Allow using the 'macosx' SDK when the SDK for the current OS
    version is not present. This comes with its own problems, but
    it's better than not being able to build anything.
    (#57143, jmr in 8caac19)

  • The default cxx_stdlib for 10.6-10.8 is now libc++. It is
    recommended that users on these OS versions run rev-upgrade to
    rebuild any ports using libstdc++. (jmr in 6b7846a)