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MacPorts 2.6.4

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@jmroot jmroot released this 14 Nov 11:31
· 453 commits to master since this release

Changes since 2.6.3:

  • Fixed incorrectly requiring a full Xcode installation when
    building all ports on Big Sur. (#61435, jmr in d58b124)

  • Allow building ports for x86_64 on arm64 systems if they don't
    support arm64. (#61430, jmr in 94f428e)

  • Disabled building the MacPorts SQLite extension by default, since
    the system's SQLite on Big Sur no longer supports extensions. Use
    the new macports.sqlext port, which has a dependency on MacPorts'
    sqlite3 port, to install it. (toby in 4664a4a)

  • Fixed calculation of dependencies of up-to-date ports during
    upgrade when different variants are specified but
    --enforce-variants is not used. (jmr in 81979e5)

  • Rev-upgrade no longer warns about libraries that are present only
    in the shared cache, since this is normal as of Big Sur.
    (jeremyhu in 601864d)

  • Fixed incorrect output of 'port info --depends' when used with
    multiple ports. (#61083, ryandesign in a7cf423)

  • Fixed incorrect warning that the SDK for the current OS version
    is missing, when configure.sdk_version has been cleared by the
    Portfile. (jmr in 8402cf8)

  • Fixed some operations involving fs-traverse failing with paths
    containing whitespace. (ryandesign in 52609c9)

  • Various changes to support arm64.
    (ryandesign, toby in c8ddc79, bfc0544, 7ccf5a2)

  • No longer error out immediately when an appropriate SDK cannot
    be found, which prevented even actions like 'port info' from
    working in that situation. (jmr in 5764fd9)