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MacPorts 2.7.0

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@jmroot jmroot released this 19 May 09:24
· 218 commits to master since this release

Changes since 2.6.4:

  • The platforms option now has a default value of darwin.
    (jmr in d918190)

  • Fixed incorrect versioning assumptions that led to being unable
    to find the right SDK on Big Sur. (#61866, jmr in 8aa347e)

  • Fixed installer incorrectly setting DISPLAY in the user's shell
    config on Big Sur. (#61649, jmr in 4ce1e96)

  • Fixed crash in rev-upgrade when MacPorts was built against the
    macOS 11 SDK and run on 10.15. (#61540, jmr in 23f2aa3)

  • Fixed minimum compiler version selected when C++14 and
    thread-local storage are required.
    (#61418, chrstphrchvz in 618d036)

  • Enabled write-ahead logging when using SQLite 3.22.0 and later,
    and enabled the fullfsync pragma, which should make the database
    even more resilient against power failures and the like.
    (#61154, jmr in 5779dbc)

  • Fixed svn fetch with newer Xcode versions that no longer provide
    svn (but do ship a /usr/bin/svn stub) by always using the
    subversion port. (#60854, jmr in 4acfd68)

  • Logs now explicitly mention the port's version, revision, and
    active variants. (#59643, jmr in d484695)

  • Improved error reporting when circular dependencies are present
    when installing or upgrading ports. (#59289, jmr in cea9833)

  • The universal variant is removed if it is not possible to build
    for two or more architectures. (#57133, jmr in fcff138)

  • New universal_possible variable can be checked to see if
    universal building is possible. (jmr in e356e1e)

  • Fixed error when choosing the currently active version when
    interactively prompted to pick a version by port activate.
    (#56817, jmr in 5f41bb4)

  • Configuring MacPorts base with --with-no-root-privileges now
    also defaults to --without-startupitems. (#56743, jmr in a18eb94)

  • Rev-upgrade now makes it more obvious when a port is considered
    broken because of using the wrong cxx_stdlib.
    (#56629, jmr in 00a2631)

  • Fixed missing error message when the sync portion of selfupdate
    fails. (#56549, jmr in 8f4b9e5)

  • When installing a port, the variants that are requested by the
    user (either on the command line or via variants.conf) are now
    recorded in the registry in order to distinguish them from
    default variants chosen by the port. When upgrading, only the
    requested variants from the previous version, rather than all its
    active variants, are considered when deciding which variants to
    request when installing the new version. (#46956, jmr in 19c9339)

  • Added new variables macos_version and macos_version_major, which
    contain the full macOS version (like 10.15.7) and the major macOS
    version (like 10.15 or 11), respectively. The macosx_version
    variable is still available but deprecated.
    (#56252, jmr in 1916d6f)

  • reclaim: remove everything under build and ccache directories.
    (#60126, khindenburg in b9fdb84, d08d261)

  • For various actions, abort if @version specified is not current.
    (#60454, khindenburg, jmr in 835a7db, ca07195)

  • Abort when a port includes a nonexistent PortGroup.
    (#59787, khindenburg in d913932)

  • Adjust lint --nitpick on patchfiles to allow *.diff or *.patch.
    (#59695, khindenburg in 5037999)

  • Display a progress bar when the underlying build system provides the
    necessary information, which is currently cmake and ninja.
    (#15939, landonf in da3524e)

  • Support compressed web pages for livecheck.
    (#55011, dgilman in 8c41ca7, d741f0c)

  • Added configure.sysroot variable, which is set to either
    ${configure.sdkroot} if an SDK is being used, or / if not.
    (#59798, jmr in 8d76ba6)