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The MacPorts Guide

The MacPorts guide is the main documentation of MacPorts, providing information on the use of the port(1) tool, the Portfile format, and the project's policies.


  • master: Automatically published to
  • release-X.Y: Documentation for upcoming releases, not meant to be public yet

When a new MacPorts X.Y.0 is released, the release-X.Y branch will be merged to master to make the documentation available.


To generate the guide, clone the macports-guide repository:

$ git clone
$ cd macports-guide/

You will also need the following tools which are required to convert the DocBook XML sources to the desired output format. You can install them from MacPorts with this command:

$ sudo port install libxml2 libxslt docbook-xsl-ns docbook-xml-5.0

HTML Output

To generate the guide just run make in this directory; the HTML version will be placed in guide/html/.

$ make
$ open guide/html/index.html

PDF Output

In addition to the dependencies listed above, the PDF output format also requires the dblatex port.

$ sudo port install texlive-lang-cyrillic dblatex

To generate a PDF version of the guide, use make guide-dblatex.

$ make guide-dblatex
$ open guide/dblatex/macports-guide.pdf