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<chapter id="installing">
<title>Installing MacPorts</title>

<para>This chapter show you how to install MacPorts and its prerequistes
<para>This chapter show you how to install MacPorts and its prerequisites
step-by-step. Note that sections 1 through 3 are Mac OS X specific. If you
wish to install MacPorts on FreeBSD, first make sure you have gcc and X11
installed, and then begin with section <link
@@ -167,20 +167,37 @@

<para>Perform these commands in a terminal window.</para>
<para>Perform these commands in a terminal window, substituting a real
path for NEW_PREFIX if you wish to use a path other than

<programlisting><prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>cd ~/MacPorts-1.4.0/</userinput>
<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>./configure</userinput>
<programlisting><prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>cd ~/MacPorts-1.x.x/</userinput>
<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>./configure</userinput> --prefix=NEW_PREFIX (setting prefix is optional)
<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>make</userinput>
<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>sudo make install</userinput></programlisting>

<para>A MacPorts <link linkend="installing.selfupdate">selfupdate</link>
operation will automatically update to the latest release if the binary
.dmg image is behind the latest released tarball.</para>
<section id="installing.source.multiple">
<title>Multiple MacPorts Installs</title>

<para>Occasionally a MacPorts developer may wish to install more than
one copy of MacPorts on the same host, possibly to test two different
versions of MacPorts. But only one copy of MacPorts may use the default
MacPorts Tcl library path <filename>/Library/Tcl</filename>, so for a
second installation use the <literal>--with-tclpackage</literal> switch
set to any newly created (empty) directory. Also, the standard MacPorts
binary path must not be present during the installation of the second
instance. To install a second instance of MacPorts, follow these

<programlisting><prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>export PATH=/bin:/sbin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin</userinput>
<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>cd ~/MacPorts-1.x.x/</userinput>
<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>./configure --prefix=NEW_PREFIX --with-tcl-package=/Library/Tcl/macports-new</userinput>
<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>make</userinput>
<prompt>%%</prompt> <userinput>sudo make install</userinput>

<section id="">

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