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# -*- coding: utf-8; mode: tcl; tab-width: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*- vim:fenc=utf-8:ft=tcl:et:sw=4:ts=4:sts=4
PortSystem 1.0
PortGroup github 1.0
github.setup brianb mdbtools 0.7.1
license GPL-2+
description libraries and programs to help using MSAccess databases
long_description \
MDB Tools is a suite of libraries and programs to facilitate the use of \
Microsoft Access databases, also known as Jet databases after the Microsoft \
Jet Database Engine or as MDB databases after the .mdb extension used by the \
file containing the database.
platforms darwin
categories databases devel
maintainers nomaintainer
depends_lib-append path:lib/pkgconfig/glib-2.0.pc:glib2
checksums rmd160 cfd5f87b26fd284af90ce914af2921800792dfa0 \
sha256 4eac1bce55066a38d9ea6c52a8e8ecc101b79afe75118ecc16852990472c4721
use_autoreconf yes
configure.cppflags-delete \
configure.args-append --mandir=${prefix}/share/man --enable-as-needed
autoreconf.cmd autoreconf
autoreconf.args -f -i
depends_build-append port:autoconf \
port:automake \
port:bison \
port:flex \
port:gawk \
port:libtool \
port:pkgconfig \
variant unixodbc conflicts iodbc description {build odbc driver against unixODBC} {
depends_lib-append port:unixodbc
configure.args-append --with-unixodbc=${prefix}
variant iodbc conflicts unixodbc description {build odbc driver against iODBC} {
depends_lib-append port:libiodbc
configure.args-append --with-iodbc=${prefix}
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