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PortSystem 1.0
name jline
version 0.9.94
categories devel java
description A library for handling console input
long_description JLine is a Java library for reading and editing user \
input in console applications. It features \
tab-completion, command history, password masking, \
customizable keybindings, and pass-through handlers to \
use to chain to other console applications.
platforms darwin
master_sites sourceforge
checksums md5 cd4aad9fb454e8acf7af476dae8abb72 \
sha1 0c3b98545764e641f2e8255faa804d8225673602 \
rmd160 664a69d52e8e8375881197988a7f3c348c5f7857
use_zip yes
use_configure no
build {}
destroot {
set javadir ${destroot}${prefix}/share/java
set jlinejar jline-${version}.jar
set jlinelink ${javadir}/jline.jar
xinstall -m 0755 -d ${javadir}
xinstall -m 0644 -W ${worksrcpath} ${jlinejar} ${javadir}
ln -s ${jlinejar} ${jlinelink}