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PortSystem 1.0
name ossp-xds
version 0.9.3
categories devel
platforms darwin
license BSD
maintainers nomaintainer
description generic encoding and decoding serialization framework for ISO C
long_description The OSSP xds library is generic and extensible encoding \
and decoding framework for the serialization of arbitrary ISO \
C data types.
master_sites freebsd
distname xds-${version}
checksums rmd160 ddac336716003581bca7fac14c810bec1a9a8ebd \
sha256 e21b441ea4fa8a568dbb5c22149313041d052c4591de81cba2147fdb9b9eebc8
patchfiles xds.c.patch
configure.args --mandir=${prefix}/share/man