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PortSystem 1.0
name p4delta
version 1.3.2
platforms darwin
categories devel
description Summarizes and manages differences between local files and Perforce
long_description \
p4delta works with a project that is in the Perforce configuration \
management system. It lists the local files that have been added, \
changed, or deleted. Content differences are summarized, i.e., the \
number of lines of code that have been added, changed, and deleted. \
It can also add, edit, and remove the appropriate files to/from \
master_sites sourceforge
checksums md5 21cf94ea4540e0b96eb1d148c7f927f9
depends_run bin:p4:perforce
use_configure no
destroot { xinstall -m 755 ${worksrcpath}/${name} ${destroot}${prefix}/bin
xinstall -m 644 ${worksrcpath}/${name}.1 ${destroot}${prefix}/share/man/man1" }