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PortSystem 1.0
name blojsom
version 2.24
categories java www
maintainers nomaintainer
platforms darwin
description A blogging package written in Java.
long_description Blojsom is a full-featured, multi-user, multi-blog package written in Java \
that was inspired by blosxom. blojsom aims to retain the simplicity \
in design of its Perl-based "relative" while adding user flexibility \
in areas such as the flavors, templating, plugins, and the ability to \
run a multi-user blog with a single blojsom installation.
distname ${name}-${version}-source
master_sites sourceforge:project/blojsom/OldFiles
checksums md5 b5aef7e3ebd5840e2d757c61f21df52b
use_zip yes
use_configure no
depends_build bin:ant:apache-ant
depends_lib bin:java:kaffe
set blog_home ${prefix}/var/db/${name}
set blojsom_user www
set blojsom_group www
default_variants +tomcat5
variant tomcat5 {
depends_lib-append port:tomcat5
extract.dir ${worksrcpath}
pre-extract {
file mkdir "${worksrcpath}"
post-patch {
set webInf ${worksrcpath}/war/WEB-INF
reinplace s|blojsom-blog-home=|blojsom-blog-home=${blog_home}| ${webInf}/
build.cmd ant war javadoc
destroot {
# Ensure needed directories
xinstall -m 755 -d \
${destroot}${prefix}/share/java \
# Make a place to store blog entries
xinstall -m 775 -d ${destroot}${blog_home}/default
destroot.keepdirs-append ${destroot}${blog_home}/default
system "chown -R ${blojsom_user}:${blojsom_group} ${destroot}${blog_home}"
system "chmod -R 775 ${destroot}${blog_home}"
# Install the war where it can be found
xinstall -m 644 \
${worksrcpath}/distro/blojsom.war \
# Install docs
file copy ${worksrcpath}/docs/content ${destroot}${prefix}/share/doc/${name}
# Install the war into the tomcat webapps directory
if {[variant_isset tomcat5]} {
set dest ${destroot}${prefix}/share/java/tomcat5/webapps/${name}
# Extract the war into tomcat's webapps folder
xinstall -m 755 -d ${dest}
system "cd ${dest} && jar xf ${worksrcpath}/distro/blojsom.war"
system "chown -R ${blojsom_user}:${blojsom_group} ${dest}"
system "chmod -R 775 ${dest}"
# Do some cleanup on the directory to so that it'll work across upgrades
set volatile " WEB-INF/
foreach { f } ${volatile} {
file rename ${dest}/${f} ${dest}/${f}.sample
ui_info "#"
ui_info "# blojsom was copied into the tomcat5/webapps directory. "
ui_info "# You may need to kick tomcat so that it'll be deployed."
ui_info "#"
ui_info "# The following configuration files have been installed with "
ui_info "# a .sample suffix to prevent their being munged during upgrade. "
ui_info "# You'll want to copy them to a like name, without the suffix, during "
ui_info "# your configuration:"
ui_info "# [join ${volatile}]"
ui_info "#"